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SAC Meetings


 If you are in ISS/Tardy Hall you will not have access to your cell phone. It will be a cell phone free zone. 

Lunches Brought to School

If you are bringing lunch to your child at SMS, you will need to stay with your child while they eat.  There are benches in front of the school for you to sit on and enjoy the lunch with your child. Lunches cannot be taken to the cafeteria.  SMS will not accept any deliveries of lunches for your child.  Only parents/guardians are allowed to bring food to their child at SMS.

High School Courses Offered at SMS

We are currently offering the following High School Courses.
Please be aware the final grade in the  course(s) taken will go on your high school transcript.
Algebra IA
Algebra I
Algebra I Honors
2-D Studio Art I
Ag Foundations
Digital Information Technology
Foundations of Web Design
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish
*Completion of all 3 = Spanish I and II Credit*

Attendance/Tardy Policy

Explanation of Excused Absences at SMS

An excused absence is under the following guidelines only:

                You have a signed excuse from a doctor or therapist
                Administrative approval- this MUST be approved BEFORE the absence occurs
                Documented court proceedings – you MUST bring a copy of order
                School sponsored activities
                Funeral attendance – you MUST bring a copy of the obituary or the memory card


Make Up Homework

Your student is responsible for making arrangements with their teachers to make up homework.  If you call the school and request it, please note that the teachers require at least 24 hours in getting the information to the front office.  You are more than welcome to email your child’s teacher to request homework to be taken to the front office.


SMS Phone Message Policy

Due to the students having access to their cell phones before school,  during lunch and after school, you as a parent can text your child with any messages you need them to have.   

Sign Out Procedure at SMS

For the safety of your child, we ask that if you pick up a child, you have your ID ready and you are on either the child’s parent / guardian, on the emergency contacts, or the Annual Student Contact Form.  If we do not have you on any of these lists, we will not release the child.  We cannot accept a phone call that someone can pick up your child, the parent / guardian MUST come in and add the name in person.

We also stop any check out at 2:15pm.


Truancy at SMS

We have an active truancy policy for students that show a pattern of non-attendance.

Certifications Offered


Microsoft Office Specialist