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Severe Life Threatening Allergy

Please DO NOT come into the office with anything Cinnamon. That includes but not limited to Gum, Mints, Perfume, Food, Lipgloss etc..  Thank you!

School Calendar

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Student/Parent/Teacher Compact

Students, the Parent / Student School Compact that you receive this morning during 1st period, MUST be signed by your parent / guardian and returned to your 1st period teacher ASAP


Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Please help support our Relay for Life School Team

SMS Phone Message Policy


Due to the students having access to their cell phones before school, between classes, during lunch and after school, you as a parent can text your child with any messages you need them to have.  We are trying very hard to limit the amount of interruptions to a class, so messages will not be taken and given to students unless it is an emergency.

Sign Out Procedure at SMS

For the safety of your child, we ask that if you pick up a child, you have your ID ready and you are on either the child’s parent / guardian, on the emergency contacts, or the Annual Student Contact Form.  If we do not have you on any of these lists, we will not release the child.  We cannot accept a phone call that someone can pick up your child, the parent / guardian MUST come in and add the name in person.

We also stop any check out at 2:15pm.